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Bitrix24 FAQ

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Adding Reminders to tasks

 In the example below the task is associated with a specific Contact, but that is not required. You may also associate it to a project/group (click +Add on Project).

1) open your contact's record, (VIEW), click on "task"

1) open your contact's record, (VIEW), click on "task"


2) if necessary, click on More to open extended form

3) click on +Add Reminder  


4) choose date/time for the alert, who will be alerted and if the alert is to be sent via email or IM 

5) Save 

Relax while Bitrix24 works for you!



Bitrix24 Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Now companies using Office 365 can integrate their accounts with Bitrix24 in order to edit documents online and authorize employees in Bitrix24 with their Office 365 logins. Prior to this Bitrix24 worked with MS Office and personal Office 365 accounts. 

“Microsoft is an undisputed leader in office productivity tools, so we were very excited when they announced early API access to Office 365 enterprise accounts. It’s important for companies to have full control over documents, because employees come and go, but the knowledge has to be accumulated. The ability to work with business Office 365 accounts inside Bitrix24 was one of the most frequently requested features. Our team worked closely with Microsoft specialists in order to ensure that this integration brings a lot of value to companies that have to use Bitrix24 and Office 365 on a daily basis,” – said Dmitry Davydov, Bitrix24 Chief Marketing Officer. 

Bitrix24 has recently introduced a number of other changes to its cloud service, making it free to unlimited number of communication users. It also introduced email integration with tasks, a new mobile app, company calendar and chat bots. 

“We have a long history of partnership with Bitrix Inc. company, and today I’m very glad that we can announce new level of our collaboration and great technological integration between Bitrix24 and Microsoft Office 365 services. We propose to our ISV partners the new generation of Microsoft products and platforms with special focus on making our partners successful by our technologies. Open access to our interfaces and Microsoft cloud services help partners to generate synergy of our joint solutions and provide flexible and efficient business services to the customers”, – said Alexander Lozhechkin, Microsoft CEE Developer Experience Director 

So far Bitrix24 integrations with Microsoft products include Office, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive. The company views collaboration with Microsoft an important part of its strategy. 



Bitrix24 is integrated with Zapier!

Back in December/2015  the integration of Bitrix24 with Zapier was released to the public (https://zapier.com/).


Zapier, that works a lot like ifttt (If This Than That: www.ifttt.com), enables the integration of diverse applications by way of their respective API. 

Thus, apps previously not compatible, now can exchange data automatically, tearing down barriers and resulting in huge productivity gains.

Zapier is based on ACTIONS and TRIGGERS. When a programmed event happens, the TRIGGER is fired, causing the ACTION to execute.

Currently two ACTIONS and two TRIGGERS are implemented: LEADS and TASKS.

In the source Bitrix24 instance, a task or lead creation will fire a trigger in Zapier, resulting in an action in a companion application to be executed. This could be any one of more than 400 applications already compatible with Zapier.

On the other way around, a trigger firing inside an application connected to Zapier will start an action in Bitrix24 – it may be a task or lead creation.

Read more:








Bitrix24 Open Channels

Open Channels is a new tool for your Bitrix24 account offering integration with famous social networks and other messengers. Open Channels consolidate various means of digital communications with your clients in Bitrix24. 

At this moment you can connect Facebook public page or Telegram bot. (Skype, Web chat and Viber coming soon). 

Why you should try it today 

  • Presales consulting using digital channels 
  • Various sales channels including online chat, social networking and instant messengers 
  • Customer care (single- and multi-tiered) 
  • Extra source of leads for your CRM 
  • Repeat sales using CRM data 
  • What it is about 

A fast and easy way to communicate with your clients in real-time. Simple as that - you will get all clients messages in your Bitrix24 chat. Conversely, your clients will receive your response via their message source – Facebook or Telegram (Skype, Web chat and Viber coming soon). Just select a group of employees responsible for social media queries and new messages will be automatically dispatched between them with the help of Bitrix24 Open Channels. 


Bitrix24 Roadmap for 2016: a summary

New functionality and the roadmap for 2016 were announced a few days ago, for Bitrix24 Cloud services.

The original webinar recording can be found here: https://youtu.be/-3GnvLYXUWY

In case you want to see the video while reading this summary, the time where each topic starts is included below.

New functionality and the roadmap for 2016 were announced a few days ago, for Bitrix24 Cloud services.

The original webinar recording can be found here: https://youtu.be/-3GnvLYXUWY

In case you want to see the video while reading this summary, the time where each topic starts is included below.


Some of the new features are already available for all users.

Among the plans for this year is to host COM.BR instances in a Brazil-located data center, to boost performance. Today our instances are hosted in the USA.


06:00 – Customer Poll

What are the modules/features customers like (or use) more?

1) Communications - 20%
2) Tasks, Projects and Workgroups - 18%
3) CRM - 15%
4) Calendars - 10%
5) Online documents - 10%

This preference distribution will be taken in consideration for future versions of Bitrix24.


07:30 – Unlimited Users

Since March/2016 there is no more limit for the number of users in any Bitrix24 version. However, there is a limit for business-related functions and CRM features. In the free version, only 12 users can use these type of functions, while in the Plus version the limit is 24. Standard and Professional versions have no limit.

These modules have no limit in any version:

  • Activity Stream
  • Instant Messenger
  • Videoconferencing
  • Telephony
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

08:35 – Simplified User Registration

It is now possible to invite new users by sending a generic http link by email. This link is created by the administrator and is not restricted to any particular user. Registration can be optionally approved by admin if necessary. There is also provision for corporate users express registration.


09:23 – Business Tools

  • ·         Still available for free for the first 12 users
  • Users can be changed after 24 hours ·        
  • Tools are CRM, Tasks and Projects, Drive, Calendars


10:29 – Bitrix24.Chat

  • ·         Instant messaging
  • ·         Audio and video calls, integrated telephony
  • ·         Video conferencing for up to 4 participants
  • ·         Screen sharing (using desktop app)
  • ·         Group chats, public or private
  • ·         File sharing
  • ·         Likes, media links
  • ·         Notifications
  • ·         Unlimited chat history
  • ·         Smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • ·         Desktop app for Mac, Windows and Linux

11:12 – Robots to automate simple tasks

MIA – My Intelligent Assistance – will be available soon. She will help use the service, creating tasks and meetings, CRM data entry and more. Giphy BOT is already helping users find GIFs online.


15:00 - Bitrix24.Tasks

  • ·         New options include the express creation of tasks (simplified form) with defaults for every field.
  • ·         Task creation form can be customized, hiding details that are not needed
  • ·         Reminders can be created for yourself or others
  • ·         New improved interface for reoccurring tasks
  • ·         Bidirectional task – email integration: tasks can be sent by email to someone, as well as tasks can be created from an email containing a special link

Improvements planned for tasks during 2016

  • ·         Site to site interaction using tasks
  • ·         Add monetary value to worked hours (billable hours)
  • ·         Workgroups were synonym for Projects in Bitrix24. This confused some users. A new entity Projects will be created, to make the product more like other products.
  • ·         Custom fields for tasks
  • ·         Print Gantt charts
  • ·         Create tasks from Activity Stream and comments


18:55 – New Mobile Tasks

  • ·         PUSH notifications for new tasks and updates
  • ·         Improved interface


20:05 – CRM

Lots of great news for 2016:

  • ·         Multichannel CRM – relationship with customers will be through all possible channels, like phone, web site, notifications, meetings, networking, ERP, email, API, etc.
  • ·         Online chats through Facebook, Whatsup, Skype, Telegram, etc. depending only on API availability
  • ·         No matter what the source, everything reaches the chat
  • ·         Distribution queues similar to telephony system
  • ·         BOT and FAQ integration

26:00 – CRM – email integration

  • ·         Bidirectional
  • ·         Personal email accounts in the CRM (with content separation)
  • ·         Lead automatic creation for new prospects

27:00 – Forms Builder

  • ·         Wizard for form creation
  • ·         Public web page in Bitrix24 – no need to have a web site just to host a web form
  • ·         Easier integration with CRM
  • ·         Automatic custom fields creation

28:20 – Payment systems integration

  • ·         Invoices link with payment option
  • ·         Integration with Paypal, Google Wallet, Skrill (Moneybookers), Authorize.net
  • ·         Custom invoices printing


29:00 – Client Profiles Dashboard (still a secret)

  • ·         Dashboard to manage each customer relationship
  • ·         Example: which channel this customer likes to use?

30:33 – New Mobile Interface

·         Aimed to support all the web functionality for those users that only use a smartphone


31:34 – Telephony

  • ·         Now available in 58 countries
  • ·         VOIP softphone

·         Planned IVR, progressive dialer


33:30 Documents and calendars

  • ·         Integration with Office 365 for Business
  • ·         Company calendar
  • ·         Easier integration with Google Calendar


What is already available:

  • ·         Unlimited users
  • ·         BOTs
  • ·         New tasks (web and mobile)
  • ·         Office 365 for Business integration
  • ·         Company Calendar

Planned for 2016:

New CRM, part 1 – this winter (possibly June - Brazil)
New CRM, part 2 – spring (Brazil)

And a new full version in November, most likely


Email Collaboration

Bitrix24 is a social collaboration platform, but we do realize that many still prefer using email. That’s why we’ve added email collaboration inside your Bitrix24 account. Now, when creating an activity stream post, you can simply type an email address and this post will be shared with this person via email.

Email recipients can participate within discussions in your Bitrix24 account by simply clicking ‘Reply’ inside their email account or by heading to a special secure Bitrix24 page. 

The opposite scenario has been added as well, meaning you can now create posts in Bitrix24 by forwarding emails to a special email address that you see in your profile.

There are many, instances when this can come in handy, like an important email from your client that requires immediate attention or a message from the colleague who only has access to email at the moment. 

Both features are available in the free plan without any limitations. You can add unlimited email collaborators (they are not counted against 12 free users) and send unlimited emails. 

For other new additions to your Bitrix24 accounts and the upcoming features to be added this winter, please visit  - https://www.bitrix24.com/about/blogs/


How to create the standard workflows in Bitrix24

If your Bitrix24 instance supports workflows, here is how you can create the 5 standard processes (to learn workflow programming and/or use them as a base for new ones)

1. On Activity Stream, click on MORE > Processes > Settings



3. Voilá: the 5 standard (sample) processes are created at once!

Click on Leave Approval, for instance, to see the base list used by the BP and access the workflow template.




How to move files from My Drive to Company Drive and back

Although you can upload files directly to the Company Drive, eventually you will want to move or copy files already in your own private drive to the public (company) repository.

Normally the connection between the two locations is created automatically when you create a new folder in the Company Drive. If it is not connected, or if it was disconnected, you can redo the link.


In Company Drive you need to choose the folder and connect it to My Drive first. After that the folder will appear in your own My Drive in Bitrix24 and in Bitrix24 folder at your computer - you can add files there. 


How to use Bitrix24 keeping the records linked

Normal sequence of operations to use the CRM effectively

1-    Add LEADS – this can be done manually or automatically by using a contact form on a web site. If you have a product catalog, make sure you select a product right in the screen bottom

Add LEADS – this can be done manually or automatically by using a contact form on a web site. If you have a product catalog, make sure you select a product right in the screen bottom


2-    Call or contact your leads. Sell something!

3-    Someone is interested. Nice! Use the conversion link to promote the lead to a new contact, company and deal. Let’s say we call the deal Build House for Jim. Now we have these FOUR records linked to each other.




4-    As you proceed to close the sale, add more details to the deal record, create and send a quote to the prospect, call him to close the sale.

5-    Prospect accepted the quote! Now create an invoice and send it.

6-    It is time to implement what we’ve sold. Go to workgroups and create a group called (for instance) Building Projects. Add the employees that will be working on this type of project. You can think of a workgroup as a central repository for tasks, files, conversations, calendar, information wiki and even business process!

7-    Go to the deal you just closed, and create a new task in the deal page, as shown below. Let’s call it Build Jim House. Configure the link “this task is in group (project)” to point to Building Projects workgroup.

8-    Now you have all these records linked:

  • Lead

  • Contact

  • Company

  • Deal

  • Workgroup

  • Task

 You can click on links to go back and forth.




9-    You can add more tasks in the same workgroup (Building Projects), and you also can add sub-tasks in a task. Say that to build Jim’s house you need to prepare the land, buy the stuff a house is made of, hire the workers…and so on.



Sure, it’s not MS Project. What’s best, an apple or a banana?

Enjoy Bitrix24!


How to use time and date in Bitrix24 workflows

Use the function Dateadd - it adds the time span passed as the second argument to the date specified as the first argument.

=Dateadd([initial date], [time span])

The following units are possible in the time span: y, year, years, m, month, months, d, day, days, h, hour, hours, i,min, minute, minutes, s, second, seconds. The units are case insensitive.

=Dateadd({=Document:FIELDNAME}, "-60d"})
=Dateadd({=System:Date}, "1 d")
=Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "-2d")
=Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "2 days 3 minutes")
=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DREKVUY}, "-5 Weekday")
=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DREKVUY}, "-5 days")
=Dateadd({=System:Now}, "10 min")

About date and time zones

NOW and SYSTEM:DATE are relative to location of the server (in the cloud my tests suggest it is in Moscow time zone)

NOW: {=System:Now}
SYSTEM DATE: {=System:Date}

To get the time relative to the user location:

Document creation date

Document modification date

Tip: modification date/time shows the last time the document was changed (duhh).

If you need the current time (now!), but don't want to mess with time zones, modify any field in the document so that the modification date is updated.

In other words: to make sure TIMESTAMP_X is "now" in your time zone, use the document modification activity to change any document field before sampling the timestamp_x

=Dateadd({=Document:TIMESTAMP_X}, "10 min" )   // now + 10 minutes
=Dateadd({=System:Now}, "10 min")                      // now in Moscow + 10 minutes

Using advanced sharing in Bitrix24

If we need to change Company Drive permissions, removing users or changing default access rights, it is not immediately obvious what is the path to follow.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to Company Drive, look for the "star" menu on the right. Click on the star, click on "Assign Permissions"


2. Make sure the check box "Enable extended permission control..." is checked. Click SAVE.


3. This will result in a new menu entry being added to the folder menu - "access permissions".


4. Click on the "Access Permissions" menu to change the permissions at will. You can now remove users, add users, change access rights, etc.



The same can be done to individual files.

Please note that Company Drive folders inherit general access configuration set for the whole Company Drive section, what admins can do after is extend access for particular employees, but not limit.

The access system in Bitrix24 works in frames of this rule:

If a user is assigned various roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different roles or if a user is granted different access for files and parent folder), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.




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